Hi there! My name is Carrie Cerreta-Kessie and I am the founder of Paws 4 Productivity. This organization blossomed out of two passions; my background as a licensed counselor since 2002 and my love for animals. I know how well animals foster incredible results in a therapeutic setting. Now through Paws 4 Productivity, I am able to combine my two passions to improve the mental and emotional well being of even a broader audience, your employees! This will bring both intended and unintended benefits to your company!

Unfortunately most of us have experienced companies that do little to invest in their staff’s wellness. Let’s face it, a happy and valued person is a productive and invaluable employee! Invest in your staff and it will return with greater success, productivity, and profits. So…have a puppy / dog break at work! 

Let our rescue puppies and dogs visit your staff at work for an immediate doggy wellness break or add a guided muscle relaxation by a licensed counselor with our furry friends. This is a stress reduction technique that allows your staff to notice muscular tension and release that source of stress. Most of us are use to carrying around a lot of stress, maybe in our shoulders, neck, or back or having tension headaches. Overall, progressive muscle relaxation can help with such stress, as well as anxiety or high blood pressure.


Research shows how invaluable the connection is between people and animals. So, let our furry friends help to:

Paws 4 Productivity is here to help you! Happy employees who feel valued and secure are significantly healthier and more productive than those that feel unappreciated. How many companies do you know that do not take the time to invest in employee wellness? We save you training dollars with increased retention and decreased absenteeism. We foster team spirit with positive work relationships, and as studies show, happier employees are healthier employees, which keeps not only their personal medical expense down, it also helps keep your annual renewal premiums lower.

Have any employees who feel afraid or anxious around dogs? No problem! We can spend extra time with them if they would like. Cooper, one of our regular furry friends, is a Plott Hound and he is great for working with even the most timid people. Cooper is a registered emotional support animal and loves his treats and human hugs.

We are also excited to increase adoption awareness and increase the possibility of finding our rescue puppies and dogs forever homes! When someone falls in love with one of our furry friends, we will happily put you in touch with the rescue agency to help facilitate the adoption process!

So, are you ready to see your employees stress and fatigue melt away? Call us today so we can bring our furry friends over to brighten your day! Contact us directly at (303) 625-2939 or complete the contact page to inquire further. Set up a time to allow our furry friends support your staff and increase overall productivity. We cannot wait for the puppy / dog field trips to your company!

Pet Tech CPR and First Aid Trained