Our Rescue Puppies and Kittens are Reducing Stress and Increasing Staff Wellness and Workplace Morale!

We at Paws 4 Productivity take a big picture approach in helping a company increase employee morale, productivity, and wellness. This of course increases company profits…Your company profits! Research has proven that the human animal interaction dramatically reduces stress and anxiety while increasing one’s energy and overall attitude.

Unfortunately, allowing employees to bring their own pets to work can cause a huge distraction in most work environments. That is until now! We at Paws 4 Productivity have created the perfect solution to balance both worlds. Let our rescue puppies or kittens enjoy a field trip and watch your employee’s stress melt away! Let your staff take a puppy or kitten wellness break in their busy day or enjoy a guided muscle relaxation with our puppies or kittens led by a licensed counselor.

Let our furry friends reduce your employees stress!


Find the Perfect Companion

In case you fall in love with one of our rescue puppies or kittens, most are up for adoption!! We can put you in touch with the rescue agency and help initiate that process. The rescue puppies and kittens get a fun field trip with lots of extra love and we increase awareness for animal adoption. We are also accepting donations for the rescue companies to help support their mission!

2 Blondes All Breed Rescue
4 Paws 4 Life
L.O.L.A's Rescue
Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
Happily Ever After Canine Rescue
Colorado Feline Foster Rescue
Colorado Feline Foster Rescue